Ted Warren Trading is a company devoted
to the philosophies and trading techniques
of Ted Warren as applied to both stocks
and futures. Ted Warren was a common
laborer with only a sixth grade education
who made a small fortune trading stocks
and futures from the late 1920's through
the late 1980’s. In fact, Ted stopped
working in the public sector around 1940 a mere 12 years
after beginning to invest. Ted wrote a book
“How to
Make the Stock Market Make Money for You” in 1966
sharing the knowledge he had gained over the previous
40 years. He continued to publish his newsletter “The
Investolator” and give seminars until his death in 1987.

Ted’s main premise was that a group of insiders he called
the manipulators, used news and inside knowledge of
events to manipulate stock and
commodity prices. They did so for
their own benefit and usually at the
publics expense. He hypothesized
that one could tell what the
manipulators were planning by
learning to interpret price charts. As Ted put it, price charts
reflect the current sentiment of the public about a
particular stock or futures contract. The first phase of
manipulative action is discouraging action that makes it
look like a stock or commodity just can't move up. This
causes the public to sell out and that’s when the
manipulators  willingly buy their shares at rock bottom
prices. They continue to buy shares slowly from the public
thereby accumulating shares over time. This happens
quietly with little attention being paid to the stock or
commodity. The next phase of this manipulation is a slow
markup that would hopefully go unnoticed. As prices
become higher more of the public would jump back in
because it is moving stocks and commodities that attract
the buying interest of the public. Eventually the stock or
commodity price would become even more volatile moving
up quickly with increased volume. This is where the
publics buying interest is peaked at the sight of a fast
paced stock or commodity. It is also where the smart
money (those who accumulated shares at the
discouraging levels) sell their shares back to the
unsuspecting public at a large profit. Consequently, the
public would be left holding the bag as the manipulators
who had bought their stocks or commodities when prices
were depressed were now selling back to that same public
who had become high-level investors. The manipulators
use human nature led by the two enemies of all investors
"greed and fear" to orchestrate this feat.
Ted's idea was contrarian and
revolved around waiting for
stocks and futures to show
discouraging action (buy when
other did not want to) and sell
near the top when others were
getting overly excited.
This type of trading was targeted at decreasing the
emotions of fear and greed. Putting more money into your
pocket is the reason to trade and our number one priority.
If you have sold stocks at lower prices when you were
discouraged then this may make sense to you. In addition,
you have probably bought stocks at higher prices. If so,
then you have fed the hand of the manipulator. Ted
Warren Trading hopes to help you reverse this cycle and
get you to start thinking like a manipulator. To learn these
new ways you must unlearn most of your bad habits that
have brought you few successes and many failures. Stop
chasing and sit back and learn a new way of waiting for
your investments to mature based on the time proven
approach that Ted Warren used for nearly  60 years.
Make that change now.
Wow! Thank you very much for the advanced notice and this opportunity Dr. Young. I wasn't sure when I subscribed to your trial period but you've made
a believer out of me. Ted Warren Trading really is the best I've ever come across. I've learned very much already and look forward to be with you for the
next 5 years. I will definitely be getting the stock and futures package.

.......North Carolina.......November 2014

This is a very complete service with good updates and Dr. Young charges a very fair price for his services. I have paid for numerous services over the
years but have always been satisfied with Ted Warren Trading. Keep up the good work.

.......Tennessee.......September 2014

Thanks again for all of the personal help and your time.

........Ontaio Canada.......July 2014

Thank you  Dr. Young and Ted Warren Trading You offer a very good service which I continue to enjoy. When I have time to act, I often benefit.  I have
appreciated your analysis since Terry Laundry days and I wish you the best always.

.......Massachussetts.......July 2014

Dr. Young, It is refreshing to get a timely response. That in itself in today's world means much to me. I have a real draw to this and your service seems
to have what I need to learn fast and efficiently. I look forward to becoming a successful trader.

Steve.......Florida.......February 2014

Jeffrey, thank you for the holiday special and most of all for your great work!

Anne.......Massachusetts.......January 2014

Jeffrey, thanks to you our confidence in trading has improved this year. Very promising stock portfolio update. My best trade this year was ASTC.
Great call!

Charlotte.......California.......January 2014

Hi Jeffrey. I want to thank you for everything you do and the service you provide. You have given things to my family and myself and I am forever
grateful. I wish you a happy and safe new year to you and your family. Thank you.

Thomas......Arizona.......December 2013

Thank you so much and keep up the great work. Exceptional gains like BEAT do not come around too often. Thank you for your great desire, service
and dedication.

Armando........California........August 2013

I like your work. Keep up your fine efforts!

Jeff........New York.......July 2013

Jeffrey, nice call on BEAT........Thank you!

Robin........Montana.......June 2013

Jeffrey, I really like daily and weekly futures updates. I think your analysis is excellent both in breadth and detail. I just wanted to give my feedback as a
regular reader of your reports. Just so you know I have truly enjoyed your service and have made money. I have been away for the last few months,
but now I am back and ready to continue trading.

Derek........California.......April 2013

Thank you for sending your reports. I like your work a lot.

Sheila........Washington.......January 2013

I am regretting not subscribing to your stock service when I subscribed to the futures service. I would like to add the stock service to my subscription
immediately. Looking forward to continuing the relationship.

Scott........Utah.......January 2013

Jeff,  I  appreciate what you do for me!

Rick........Colorado.......December 2012

I really like your service and your attention to detail is refreshing. I  plan on extending.

John........Florida.......December 2012

You have made some really great picks and I plan on renewing, again.

Mark........Iowa.......December 2012

I have had good success with relatively little work using your stock recommendations.

John........Michigan.......December 2012

Mr. Young, I look forward each week to your letters and recommendations.

Ralph........Maryland.......December 2012

Dear Jeffrey, Thank you for your time and your generosity in sharing your work.

Sharon........Australia.......November 2012

Jeffrey, thank you again for the wonderful service.

Steve.......United Kingdom........November 2012

I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in Jeff. You have been spot on for like two months now, you are crazy good. I know I will lose many
trades over time if I keep doing this but I haven't lost money since the first trade I made over 2 months ago. I'm totally okay with never losing another
trade but that would be unrealistic. If I can keep myself from getting greedy or being fearful and just stay disciplined and listen to you, I'm sure I'll do
fine, but that's difficult enough in itself. Thanks :).

Chris........Minnesota.......November 2012

I used your newsletters over the past year and they were great!  So I would just like to say thanks again.  I took a few months off from trading and now I
want to get back in.  I look forward to continuing your services. Thanks.

Jordan........New Jersey........May 2010

I just want to congratulate you on a few things. First of all, for having the expansion of consciousness to seek beyond the Ted Warren system realizing
these are different times. And secondly to incorporate that guy's timing system into the Ted Warren system. Yesterday proved that it works. I was
looking at some old notes that I wrote in 2007 or 2008 based on your forecast then sending out an alert to sell. You were right on with that timing too.
The timing of your recent sell alert in the last 2 weeks along with the plunge yesterday should serve as a powerful marketing tool because it is not one
of those after the fact ads. Very impressive.

Steve........Pennsylvania........May 7, 2010

I have taken out a 6 month subscription with you for now and after the new year I will be extending the subscription...

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all that you have done for me so far....

Happy Christmas to you and here's to 2010


Kevin........Australia........December 2009

You know my style flat over the weekend. I need to sleep peacefully, at least for two nights !!!!!!!!  What a week this has been, I have never made so
much money in such a short time frame. Thank you for your fantastic service. When I get over to the US next spring I am going to buy you a beer or
three that's for sure !!!


Graham........Cheshire, UK........October 2009

Thanks for the communication you have improved my trading for sure. I had my best month ever last month taking 5 trades. I still need work on
protecting profits , thats next.  I am going to cross the bridge from worrying about making money to protecting it in the present like you mentioned.

Thanks, again.

Ed........Florida........September 2009


Had a great first trade. Trend up day just beautiful taken 15 big points (S&P 500 contract) out and flat now. Anything can happen over the weekend !!! I
sleep better as well.

Thanks for your help this week


Graham........Cheshire, UK........September 2009

I think the most important change I made was after reading your "Why Ted Warren Trading" piece. I always had to invest most of my money you know
get the excitement and adrenalin going...but I usually wound up depressed after several months when things weren't going my way. Several years later
I had a few winners but for the most part I was painfully holding stocks that were doing nothing. Your words about staying disciplined and waiting for
the probabilities to shift in my favor made sense but I did not know how to do that. Following your advice was hard because I always felt I was missing
something if I let an opportunity go by without buying it. To sum it up I now look at your newsletter each month and I put in buy orders at the trigger alert
price for the ones I like and I wait. Well already one of your picks was activated and I'm up over 100% in a very short time. I have no other active picks
but as you said you don't need lots of active picks. If I wound up buying 2 or 3 of the ones that moved like that then I'll make more this year then the last
three years combined. It's still early but I'm encouraged and excited to give your idea the chance to prove itself. Thank you for the direction and

Trying to stay disciplined........Jason in New York........May 2009

Just to let the skeptical people know, I am making more money in this bear market environment than I did during the bull market. Like most people I
really couldn't accept the concept of betting something would go down. While others are praying for a return of the bull market I am watching my
account slowly but surely grow. Using your disciplined techniques I have been able to accept losses as part of doing business because I know my
profits will more than make up for it. It seems so simple now but I know it's anything but simple. For years I would hold losers until it was too late and
sell winners too early, however, with your advise I am turning the tables. Thank you for your insight into traders problems and helping me to turn my
trading around. I tell everybody they could use at least a year of subscribing to your service. Thanks again!

Terri........... March 2009

I just had to send you a note -  to thank you and to congratulate you. (1) First, I want to thank you for providing the Ted Warren Trading service. The Ted
Warren book is one of my all time favorites.  Its been years since I have last read it, but its definitely time for me to dust it off and read again. (2) And
secondly, congratulations on your trading. I just started your service four months ago in August. In prior years I tried using Ted's method in futures, but
I was not able to put it all together. As simple as his method sounds, I was not able to apply it consistently.  I was obviously missing something.  So at
first I was just watching your trades more out of curiosity.  But for last 2 months, I have been trading and following it very closely, and have done very
well.  Thank you again.I enjoy your market comments and your thoughts, and I look foreword to you email everyday.

Paul M.......... December 2008

I just wanted to let you know that your service rocks. I just follow your easy to read weekly newsletters  and daily updates on what to do and when.
There is no guessing or changing your mind on when to buy or sell with your strategy. The fact that you clearly spell out entries & exits and explain
your reasoning with charts and analysis to back up your opinions really helps to reduce my anxiety and allow me to trade again. I have made
respectable profits in just two months time that I never experienced with futures trading before. To tell you the truth I always lost whatever I invested
and thought I'd give your service a try. So far, so good! Thank you for all your hard work and for making trading informative and fun again.

Alan S........... October 2008

I appreciate your service and the values you promote. It's very refreshing the unique perspective and approach you take toward stock and futures

K.S.................May 2008
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